What Is WineCloud?

WineCloud is an online marketplace for Australian Boutique Winemakers. It prides itself on being direct to the winemaker, no middleman or wholesalers. It allows Winemakers to set prices and add the products that they like, retaining 100% control over thier store, products and prices.

WineCloud launched in 2014 and has been growing in the boutique wine industry and has received commendations from smaller wineries for its ease of use and new market potential.

How is WineCloud Built

WineCloud is built as a custom PHP application running a MySQL database on the backend. It is fully responsive and has a number of optimisations to decrease load on the server and page load times.

What I do

I manage the backend of WineCloud, dealing with bugs in the application as well as developing new features for the online marketplace.

Analytics and optimisations is also a large part of the hours spend on winecloud and understanding what users are doing on the site is vital for its constant improvement.

SEO (Search Engine Optimiatsion) is also a focus, to continually improve search engine visibility across all products and wineries.