Phoenix House is a community-based organisation that has been in operation for more than 30 years. It provides services in a safe environment that empower at-risk and homeless young people aged 12-24 years to develop to their full potential.


Phoenix House has had an online presence for many years, however the site used to be a cheap off the shelf template used by a number of websites. My aim was to rebuild the website to make it Clean, Fresh and Responsive. We settled on a basic colour scheme based around branding guidelines given to us by an external marketing company and implemented a clean font face to boot.

The Phoenix House website was designed to be mobile friendly and interactive to both potential donors as well as at risk youth who attend the charity.


The new website was launched and almost immediately we saw an upturn in donations for the charity. The new website was a big step up from the previous generation with much better mobile support. This saw the website across more devices and that was reflected well in our engagement rates across multiple devices.